At Bronster Fujichaku Robbins (BFR), our team provides comprehensive litigation assistance to individuals, small businesses, and large, multinational corporations in a variety of complex disputes.

As a premier trial law firm in Honolulu, we are committed to providing industry-leading litigation services in a range of practice areas, from commercial litigation centering around corporate malfeasance (i.e., antitrust, securities, etc.) to whistleblower litigation on behalf of reporting employees, to estate and trust litigation. These broad practice experiences have empowered us with key insights into what it takes to effectively navigate a dispute given a dynamic set of circumstances.

Our general case philosophy is to pursue creative legal solutions that don’t always involve litigation. Fundamentally, we seek to resolve disputes in the most cost-effective manner, and this often means that our clients are best served by aggressive pre-litigation strategy. Unlike many of our competitors, however, we have a proven track record of success in taking complex disputes to trial. This tenacious approach to litigation gives us significant leverage when attempting to secure a favorable settlement at the pre-litigation stage.

We Represent Clients in a Range of Practice Areas

At BFR, we represent clients in a broad range of practice areas, including:

  • Administrative/Agency Law
  • Antitrust Law
  • Appellate Law
  • Business Disputes and Litigation
  • Investor Losses
  • Lender Liability Law
  • Securities Litigation
  • Unfair or Deceptive Business Practices
  • Partnership and LLC Disputes
  • Civil Litigation
  • Consumer Rights Litigation
  • Creditors’ Rights
  • Construction/Surety Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Government Law
  • Estate and Trust Litigation
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Probate Administration
  • Healthcare Law
  • Historic Preservation Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Design Professionals
  • Attorney
  • Qui Tam/Whistleblower
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Tort Litigation — Plaintiff and Defense

We approach every case with a client-focused mentality, and we are committed to advancing our clients’ interests by executing cost-effective solutions. We work closely with clients throughout the litigation process, allowing us to develop a comprehensive understanding of their goals and limitations. By understanding our clients’ businesses and cases from top-to-bottom, we are better-equipped to identify and employ creative, tailored strategies for resolving their disputes.

At BFR, our team is comprised of former BigLaw litigators, judges, in-house counsel, and others with broad experiences in relevant industries. Over the years, we have emerged as one of the premier trial law firms in Hawaii, and we have successfully represented clients in both state and federal court, helping them secure favorable resolutions to complex disputes.

We believe that our diverse team composition and our “boutique" approach to client representation are what have led to much of our success since our founding in 1999. Unlike many of our competitors, we commit to a deep level of engagement with clients from beginning-to-end of the litigation process.

Whether you’re involved in a challenging legal dispute, or you are concerned about compliance and other litigation-adjacent matters, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

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