Bronster Fujichaku Robbins (BFR) was founded in 1999 and, in the decades since, has developed and evolved into one of the premier trial law firms in Hawaii. We have a proven track record of success. We have litigated a variety of cases, including matters in complex commercial litigation, trust and estate litigation, employment disputes, professional malpractice disputes, and real estate litigation on all major islands, and in state and federal court.

Litigation is in our DNA. It is fundamental to our identity as a firm. We are inextricably linked to the courtroom, with several of our attorneys holding other positions within the legal system. While one of our founding partners, Margery Bronster, left the Attorney General’s Office to start BFR, several of our former attorneys have made the transition from private practice to the bench, serving the public as honorable judges.

Our team is comprised of former Big Law litigators, judges, in-house counsel, and others with a wide range of prior experiences. The diverse and experienced makeup of our team here at BFR is no accident. It is our belief that by cultivating a team of attorneys with a breadth of practical knowledge and training, we can more effectively and creatively represent our clients in complex litigation.


Commitment to Industry-Leading Representation

We make the same commitment to each and every one of our clients: we promise excellent legal services and creative solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

Here at BFR, we represent a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals, to startups and Fortune 100 companies. This expansive approach to legal representation is critical to the philosophy by which we operate, and it ensures that we remain nimble, but still capable of scaling up in order to tackle larger, more complex issues in litigation.

We are always on the lookout for creative and cost-effective approaches to dispute resolution to better serve our individual and business clients. This is made possible by our collaborative and client-centered mentality.

As a boutique litigation firm with lower overhead costs than many of our larger, top-heavy competitors, we see the attorney-client relationship as one that is fundamentally collaborative in nature.  We engage closely with clients from the very beginning of the consultation process so that we can develop a deeper understanding of their legal matter and their own unique goals, preferences, and limitations. As a result of this approach, we are able to work with the client more efficiently over time, and we develop innovative, tailored solutions to their problems.

We handle an enormous variety of litigation on behalf of individuals, small businesses, and large multinational corporations.  Our practice extends to complex commercial litigation, consumer rights litigation, construction litigation, employment dispute litigation, healthcare law issues, insurance litigation, professional malpractice, real estate litigation, securities litigation, tort litigation, trust and estate litigation, and civil rights litigation, among other areas.

We invite you to learn more about us here and to contact us if we can help you.

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