Schmitz et al. v. Hale Mohalu II Family LP et al.

Case No. 1CCV-20-0000556

Circuit Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaiʻi



To Former and Current Tenants at Hale Mohalu II (“HMII”) in Pearl City, Hawaiʻi, excluding Family Building 5, who paid for parking between 2013 and present, and (A) have not received a credit or refund for all such payments made; or (B) received a received a credit or refund that did not compensate them for interest or the value of being deprived of the money they spend on parking. YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CASH PAYMENT FROM A CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT.

  • A Settlement was reached in a class action that alleged HMII’s improper use of its state and federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit funding by charging tenants parking fees.
  • The Court issued its Order granting a final approval of the class settlement to persons listed on Exhibit “4” .

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